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Steve Dell BA (Hons) HPD DSFH MNCH (Reg) NCH AFSFH

Most of us are familiar with the fight, flight or freeze response. It’s what happens when we’re in survival mode. And because it’s a response to life-threatening situations it’s most useful when it’s instinctive.

There are many well-researched reasons for depression, encompassing trauma, social and stress-related reasons, chemical imbalances, as well as genetics. And all of them have the potential of generating feelings of genuine threat to our own existence. When that happens it can make sense to hide away. We wait it out and conserve energy and resources for a later time when that threat to our existence has receded. So depression can be seen as a very sensible and reasonable adaptation of the Freeze response.

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“I was suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and depression. After having 5 sessions with Steve my “stress bucket” was emptied and I gained my confidence back.”

– A.Y, London


However sensible the instinct started out being, staying deep in our metaphorical cave can become self-defeating. The more we “shut down”, the less receptive we are to the threat having reduced or vanished altogether. Being stuck in this state often results in a continuation of, or a worsening of, the depression.

If you feel like that resonates with you in some way, and you’re at a point where you would like to emerge from your cave but are fearful of doing that, here’s how hypnotherapy with me will help.


First of all, using something called solution-focused techniques, we will co-create difference simply by exploring what the world around you would be like if things were different. Then, with the use of hypnosis, you’d be able to experience that different version of yourself and, at a neurological level, change will have begun. Over however many sessions you feel is needed, we will continue that process so that the positive change you want will become more established.


If you feel that a traumatic event in your life was the reason for bringing about your depression please visit my page covering Trauma. Processing that trauma so that it becomes a distant memory will allow you to feel that it’s now safe to emerge from your cave and engage in life again.

Results vary from person to person.


To discuss how hypnotherapy can help you manage depression, you can call me on:
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Generally, my hypnotherapy sessions take place at Muswell Health (North London) and The Terapia Consultancy (Central London). But thanks to the power of Zoom I don’t just deliver hypnotherapy to stop smoking in London but throughout the UK.

In fact, many of my clients find remote hypnotherapy less stressful because they can enjoy the process from the comfort of their home.

Results vary from person to person.


“At the start, I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical but I am so thankful for everything you have done. Words can’t express my gratitude. I feel like this has opened a new door for me.”

– A.N, London

London hypnosis and across the UK via Zoom.

Call: 07966 464 005

North London

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As a clinical hypnotherapist, trained at CPHT which is considered the gold standard for hypnotherapy practitioners in London, UK, I believe therapy needn’t be painful. I am passionate about how we can navigate our way towards the actual solutions to your issues and bring about the changes that you want.

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What does Depression Mean?2021-08-13T16:58:15+01:00

Depression is a common and treatable disorder that produces a persistent feeling of sadness. Depression is not something you can ‘snap out of’, it can lead to an array of both physical and emotional problems.

Does Hypnotherapy Work for Depression and Anxiety?2021-08-13T16:58:05+01:00

Everyone is different, no single treatment will be suitable for everybody. Traditional treatments for depression such as antidepressants do not work for everyone or aren’t suitable. Hypnotherapy is another treatment option and can be used in line with other types of therapy.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help Depression?2021-08-13T16:57:46+01:00

This method works on a subconscious level, opening your mind. Doing this can reveal hidden traumas and help find the root causes. Your therapist can then use techniques to offer a more positive mindset, helping alleviate symptoms such as low mood, lack of energy, insomnia.

What Causes Depression?2021-08-13T16:57:35+01:00

Depression can stem from a variety of triggers, there is no single cause. Common causes can be stressful life events such as bereavement or a breakup. Family history, childbirth, childhood trauma, brain structure and drug use are all common causes.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?2021-08-13T16:57:29+01:00

Examples of symptoms of depression are:

  • Feeling sad
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of interest in normal activities
  • Lack of energy
  • Insomnia
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Suicidal thoughts
How to Help Someone with Depression?2021-08-13T16:57:22+01:00

Having support from friends and family whilst dealing with depression is crucial to recovery. It’s easy to feel helpless when someone you love has depression, knowing you can’t fix them can be difficult. Learn what you can about depression to understand how they may be feeling and how best to talk to them. Let them know that it’s OK to talk about their feelings, but don’t force them. Be open and understanding, listen. If you haven’t experienced depression, it can be difficult to understand what they’re going through. Don’t be critical or put too much pressure on them.

Does Hypnotherapy Work for Depression?2021-06-12T13:03:52+01:00

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an effective approach to helping to overcome depression. It works differently from some forms of hypnosis and begins with exploring how your world would be if things were different by talking things through. Then in the second part of the session, while in a trance, you’ll be guided to feel what that different version of you; kickstarting change at a neurological level.

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