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Hypnotherapy for Addiction in London

Hi, I’m Steve Dell a trained hypnotherapist in London offering hypnotherapy for addiction to help individuals overcome their substance abuse and other addictive behaviour problems. Addiction can take over your life in a number of ways. It can control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. It can make you feel like you’re not good enough and that you need the substance or activity to survive. Addiction can also isolate you from friends and family, and make you feel like you have no one to turn to. But the good news is if you’re ready to face your addiction then hypnotherapy is a effective addiction treatment that in just a few sessions can help you take back control.

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It all starts with dopamine

Dopamine is released when we engage in activities that we feel enjoyable, or we experience something that gives us pleasure. It’s our brain’s reward system. It’s the same hormone responsible for feeling “happy” and can also be released when we engage in addictive activities such as drinking alcohol, taking drugs, gambling or engaging in other compulsive behavior.

What are the most common forms of addiction?

Drug and alcohol addiction are two of the most common forms of addiction, along with gambling, sex and shopping addiction. We’ll outline each in more detail below.

It’s important to recognise that mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and bi-polar can also cause people to be more vulnerable to addiction so it’s important to seek help from your GP or a medical professional if you have any of these underlying conditions.

Drug Addiction Hypnosis

Drug Addiction

Drug dependency, unlike alcohol, is often considered a taboo subject, but it is a real and growing problem that requires specialist help to overcome. Someone with a drug addiction is unable to stop taking them despite the negative consequences they are having on their life. This could be recreational drugs such as Cocaine or an addiction to a drug treatment prescribed by a medical professional.

Hypnotherapy for Addiction-of-Nicotine


Quitting smoking can be very difficult because nicotine is so addictive. When you stop smoking, your body goes into withdrawal and you may experience symptoms such as cravings, headaches, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. Nicotine replacement therapies such as patches or gum can help reduce these symptoms, but they only work if you are able to stick with them.

Hypnotherapy for Addiction London

Alcohol Addiction

Drinking has become a part of normal life for many people. But drinking alcohol in excess, or when it’s not safe to do so, can lead to an alcohol addiction. People who are dependent on alcohol may feel the need to drink every day and struggle to control how much they consume.

Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy

Gambling Addiction

Compulsive gambling is a type of addiction that can lead people to take huge financial risks, such as borrowing money to gamble or even stealing to fund their habit. Gambling is a highly addictive activity and can be hard to break away from.

Hypnotherapy Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction is an urge that someone cannot control, no matter how much they try. It involves compulsive sexual behaviours such as having multiple partners, engaging in unprotected sex, or porn addiction.

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Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction is a real problem for some people. It can cause them to spend more than they can afford and accumulate large amounts of debt. Shopping addiction can also lead to hoarding, as people may neglect their home environment due to their excessive spending habits.

Hypnotherapy for addiction

If you’re ready to face your addiction and make a real change, clinical hypnotherapy is an effective way to treat addictive behaviours. I practice a solution-focused hypnotherapy, one of the most popular types of talking therapies. It uses the psychological process of cognitive behavioural therapy alongside clinical hypnosis to tailor a treatment plan around your specific goals.

Unlike other forms of treatment options for addiction, my approach to hypnosis works by looking at positive outcomes. We focus on the achievable goals that you have for yourself and help you find ways to reach them.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnotherapy sessions are short and flexible, typically lasting around 60 minutes each. Hypnosis works by accessing and reprogramming the subconscious mind to replace negative thoughts and behaviours with positive ones. It can be a powerful tool to help you take control of your life and make lasting changes. By working together, we can put an end to addiction and get you back on the path towards good health and happiness.

Depending on your personal circumstances, some people feel the need to access support groups to help them deal with cravings during social situations. It can be incredibly hard for a person to stop drinking but be around others, as addictions just don’t go away, they have to be managed.

Self-hypnosis can also be employed as a coping mechanism. Most people are able to reduce their anxiety levels and cravings significantly by self-inducing a hypnotic state. It’s important to remember that it takes time, effort and commitment to overcome addiction but with the right help in place, a lasting recovery can be achieved.

Where I hold my sessions

As a clinical hypnotherapist, my hypnotherapy practice is at Muswell Health (North London) and The Terapia Consultancy (Central London). I also run a virtual hypnosis practice online with many of my clients enjoy the process from the comfort of their own home.

Let’s Talk

Hypnotherapy is a safe, non-invasive and effective tool to treat addiction. It can help you gain control back in your life, break away from compulsive behaviours and achieve the positive outcomes that you want for yourself. However, it’s important to seek advice from a trained therapist who can advise you on how their approach to hypnotherapy works, so you can see if that fits with you.

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