You might be the most competent person at work or even the most caring partner or friend, but the impact of low confidence has long lasting effects. One of the hardest thing for someone with low self-esteem is to deal with making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but for someone with low confidence, it’s a further setback.

Some examples of how low confidence can set you back include:

  • Holding back from giving your opinion and not allowing your viewpoint to be heard
  • Avoiding trying new things
  • Backing out of arrangements because you don’t feel confident in yourself
  • Avoiding going out to meet people because you don’t feel you’ll be valued

There are many ways confidence can impede the authentic you. My approach to self-confidence hypnotherapy in London is to help you reach new goals. Through your hypnotherapy for confidence sessions we start by talking out what you want to achieve. Then we’ll discuss the science of confidence and the brain. Then comes the hypnosis part. It’s a very relaxing state that allows the brain to disengage previously held beliefs. This gently allowing new positive ones to take their place.

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