What I offer in London and online via Zoom is called Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. It has a different approach to treating psychological issues. Why? Because the key principle is to focus on setting future goals. This differs from other forms that bringing up trauma or problems from the past. For some people, revisiting those memories and experiences is just too painful. This results in them shutting down and becoming unresponsive to positive suggestions. Others simply are not aware of the reasons why they feel like they do. But if they’ve been searching for who is the best hypnotherapist London, then they’re likely to be seeking positive change.

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is popular in London because it’s a structured and gentle form of hypnosis. The past is considered a distraction. Instead, the hypnotherapist co-creates goals, building a pathway to the client’s solution. Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is a very open method of hypnosis. In the sessions, we’ll discuss how the brain works, how we experience emotions, how they can affect us and our habits. As well as what can be done to change them. We’ll also cover what to expect from a hypnotic trance. A trance is actually a very normal, natural state and something that we may already experience throughout our day.

If you’re looking at choosing hypnosis as a method of treatment, I suggest getting in touch and talking through what you’d like to achieve. You can contact me on 07966 464 005